Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Spring Infusion

Stress relief for your skin!
This is not a joke:) This natural soap has been born from a concentrated infusion of chamomile, spiced up with a bit of lime essential oil and coated with a beautiful fragrant layer of chamomile flowers.

Oatmeal Honey

Breakfast for your skin!

Pamper it with this oatmeal miracle: in a luxuriant bubbly foam you will discover the amazing detoxifying properties of this natural exfoliant and nutrient.

Skin will remain feeling soft and silky, also due to the amazing and irreplaceable castor and olive oil mix.

Lily of the valley

Delicious fragrance, sold out in 3 days!

With Lily of the Valley oil and poppy seeds for mild exfoliation, this one was a success from it`s first appearence and is currently on the way to second that!
A rich summery , floral scent; some say that if white had an aroma, this would be it.

Sunday, 7 March 2010


Here we are.

Crazy it may seem, but what we've started doing, in our not-so-secret second life, is home-made soap.

How about checking our products online, in the Romanian Breslo hand/home/made/stuff community: